As they say, music is the voice of the soul. Therefore, choosing a great song for your wedding anniversary would be a remarkable thing to do and the best way to rekindle those romantic memories with your lover. A great choice for anniversary song consists of soulful beats and relevant lyrics that suit the moment. Here are ten of the most popular wedding anniversary songs that you should consider.

1. It Had to Be You by Harry Connick Junior

Harry Connick Junior’s version of “It had to be you” would set any married couple off their feet to the dance floor. With a mixture of jazz and swing music, every fan would undoubtedly consider this song as part of their playlist during an anniversary. Other versions done by Tony Bennet and the duet between Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble would also stir the magic as well.

2. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

If you want to know about popular wedding songs, then this tops the list. With lyrics about unconditional love and how determined lovers should be to stick together through thin and thick, this would be the perfect choice for your wedding anniversary. Such lyrics remind you of the vows that you took and stirs you up to hold on them.

3. I’d Love You All Over Again by Alan Jackson

If you are celebrating your ten years of marriage, then this song stands out to be the perfect choice for your anniversary. With its open lyrics reminding listeners of the ten years when they said ‘I do,’ no other lyrics would suit your special day. The song goes on, reminding couples of falling in love once again if given a chance, which is an excellent vibe to express how you feel for your lover.

4. Everything I Do I Do It for You By Bryan Adams

This ‘90s ballad reminds listeners of their lifelong commitment to their lovers with all their hearts. If your anniversary includes a few people who have been in a marriage for a few decades, you won’t miss finding them taking the stage and dance along to this remarkable song.

5. You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac

There is nothing more sensual than a reminder of the fun things that come along with marriage. With the perfect opening lyrics proclaiming how happy one is with his or her lover, this song can go a long way in stirring the long-dead fun that would have faded in your marriage.

6. Forever and Always by Shania Twain

Anytime you speak about classic country hits, “forever and always” would probably come up to your mind. With a combination of Shania Twain’s sweet voice and great lyrics choice, this song is a remarkable choice for your anniversary. This explains why any wedding planner would ardently campaign for the inclusion of this song in the playlist.

7. You’re Still the One by Shania Twain

You cannot get enough of Shania Twain without listening to this great Jam. A perfect song for lovers who have gone through a lot in their marriage and probably people expected them to crash and burn. After all, you’ve made it until now, would it not be ideal to have this song as your theme for your success?

8. When I Said I Do by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

If you are a country music lover, this track would undoubtedly be the best wedding song. Probably, it would be the best pick for your wedding based on the narrators’ vow to stay together until the end of their lives.

9. Butterflies by Michael Jackson

Your love for pop would not be justified without a song by Michael Jackson. This truck does not disappoint with its midtempo love ballad with a grove influence. Listen to Jackson’s vocal range span all through the song as you listen to the sweet and romantic lyrics that it has to offer.

10. Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder

Finally, you cannot talk about romantic music without mentioning Stevie Wonder. Ribbon in the sky should be the perfect wedding anniversary song if you are a fan of Stevie Wonder. Listen to the charming lyrics of Stevie Wonder as he figuratively uses a ribbon in the sky to bring in a remarkable romantic vibe.

Choosing the perfect wedding anniversary songs would go a long in establishing a strong foundation for your marriage. However, it is necessary to consider those favorite songs that both of you love to listen to, make the event memorable, and stir your romance as well.

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