How to plan a successful business event: checklist

The secret to a successful business event, whether it’s a conference, workshop, seminar, training event or staff day is … planning. And, it takes a lot of careful planning to organise an event that is memorable for all the right reasons.

The Bertie’s event team have shared their conference planning tips and have created a checklist for success!

  1. Goals for the event

Be clear from the outset what the purpose of your business event is, who your target audience is and set appropriate goals.

For example, if your event is a staff day, then you might aim to build staff morale. If you are holding a training seminar, then you’ll want to effectively communicate the training material and achieve high delegate satisfaction rates.

Business event room set up cabaret style

Our No. 1 Brook St room set up cabaret style for a business event – can hold 30 delegates

  1. Event plan

Take the time to draw up an event plan and list in it:

  • Everything you need to consider
  • Deadlines (working back from your event date)
  • Responsibilities (you, your team, the venue, any other suppliers)
  • Status (an update on where you are at).

Doing this and asking people for feedback will ensure that nothing is missed and that everyone knows what is expected of them.

  1. Timing

When selecting the date for your conference or workshop do some digging to check for possible conflicts, check:

  • Are there other similar events happening around that time?
  • Does it clash with school holidays or popular holiday times?
  • Are there other local events that might disrupt yours?

Also, consider the most appropriate day of the week and timing for your audience – and whether a full or half day event would work best?

Venue room theatre style

Bertie’s Crystal Ballroom set up theatre style – can hold 240 delegates

  1. Budget

Have a clear budget from the outset and estimate costs for all the different elements of your business event. Much of this will be spent on the venue, so make sure you identify what they do/don’t include in their costs. I.e. Is lunch included? How about projectors and screens? How many servings of tea/coffee will you get?

Other costs to consider might be the marketing of your event (if you are selling places), transportation and parking (if it is a company event) and, depending on the scale or type of event, speakers, signage, A/V support and photography.

  1. Venue

Perhaps the most important consideration in planning a business event is the venue. It must be in the right location for your audience, be suitable for your needs, be comfortable and give the right impression to your delegates.

Plan a visit to the venue before you book and put yourself in the shoes of your guests. How will they feel when they arrive? Are the chairs comfortable? Are there enough amenities?

From your perspective as the event organiser, think about how flexible the venue can be and how willing they are to meet your needs. Also, could you see yourself working with the venue’s event team? Are they friendly and accommodating?

Show the venue’s team your event plan and an outline of the day’s agenda and ask them if they have any comments or suggestions. They do this all the time and might come up with something you hadn’t thought of!

Boardroom at Bertie's

Bertie’s No. 1 Brook St room set up as a boardroom – can hold 20 delegates

  1. Communicate with delegates

Don’t underestimate how many times people need telling about the event and reminding about what is happening and when. Keep up regular communications with your delegates to make sure they are fully briefed, include:

  • Timings and outline of the day
  • Detail of how to get to the venue and transportation, parking
  • Dress code (business dress, casual etc.)
  • What’s required of them on the day
  • Requests for anyone with special requirements to advise you in advance.

Finally, enjoy your business event and don’t forget to follow up with delegates to get their feedback.

Business events at Bertie’s

Bertie’s has three rooms that are ideal for business conferences, training events, seminars, workshops or company events such as awaydays.

We have great value full and half day delegate packages, which include:

  • Room hire
  • Refreshments on arrival – tea/coffee and bacon rolls (vegetarian option available)
  • Mid-morning refreshments –  tea/coffee and biscuits
  • Lunch – tea/coffee and hot buffet or finger buffet
  • Afternoon refreshments – tea/coffee and biscuits
  • Use of projector, screen and flipchart
  • A dedicated Event Manager who will be available on the day to ensure the smooth running of your event.

All rooms have air conditioning.

Room layouts at Bertie's

Layouts and delegate numbers for business events at Bertie’s (*NB. The Rennie Macintosh room has been renamed Bertie’s Cocktail Lounge)


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