First of all, congratulations on your first wedding anniversary. You probably don’t know about the perfect gift to grant to your spouse. Well, it is understandable that choosing the best anniversary gift for your spouse is a nerve-wracking experience that can keep you worried. Worry no more since here are the seven best 1-year anniversary gifts for 2020.

1. Enjoy the Thrill of Sky Diving 

Enjoy the Thrill of Sky Diving

The best romantic gift for your man would be an adrenaline rush that he craves for. You can pick a package that is solely for him, but it is much enjoyable if you face your fears together. A shared experience is more memorable rather than having a solo experience.

2. Find a Map of Star Portrait

star portrait

There is nothing more pleasing than stirring those romantic moments that you had with your lover. A map of stars would be among the best anniversary gifts that expresses your love to your lover. It also brings the specific moment that you said ‘I do.’

3. A Surprise of Specialty Cookie Delivery

surprise cookie delivery

If your lady has that sweet tooth, then having a special delivery of unique cookies would be an ideal treat for your first anniversary. Make sure that they are precisely the kind of cookies that your lady has a craving for and probably has been missing to have a taste of.

4. Have Your Wedding Vows on a Painting

wedding painting

One of the personalized gifts that match you and your lover would be the preservation of your wedding vows on a beautiful piece of art. This will be a constant reminder of your wedding day anytime you see the painting hanging on your wall. This sums up the best anniversary gifts for both of you.

5. Buy a Winter Beanie

winter beanie

It is a guarantee that winter will come every year. To add on that, this season coincides with Christmas bringing a lot of excitement to any couple. Therefore, as your Christmas gift, you can decide to surprise your lady with a custom-made beanie with charming inscriptions that reminds your wife about your wedding day or the first time you that you both met.

6. Grant Your Hubby the Ability to Brew For Himself

Brew for your spouse

Every man loves a cold beer. But there is nothing more satisfying than taking a glass of self-brewed beer. Thanks to technological advancement, and among the gifts for men a lady can get is a self-brewing kit that comes with all the essentials for a home-brewed beer. Making this kind of choice would be a perfect way to keep your hubby at home and have him invite his friends at home and watch a football match without going out.

7. Get Your Lady Those Perfect Statement Earrings

perfect earing for your spouse

There’s nothing that gets your lady excited than a gesture that showcases how good you are in making fashion choices through personalized gifts. Therefore, if you decide to surprise her with statement earrings, you would have hit the nail and will not miss noticing how she will love rocking with them anytime.

8. A Weekend handbag Would Work the Magic


Besides the statement earrings, a surprise of a sleek and sophisticated handbag would be the best anniversary gift for your spouse on your first anniversary. Choosing your lady’s favorite color would crown it all, and you would not miss seeing her rocking with it anytime she gets the opportunity.

There are lots of other perfect gifts out there that you can pick. However, you should keep in mind that gifts are only material things, but the perfect gift would be maintaining lasting love for each other.

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