American wedding tradition is probably the most known wedding tradition by around the world because of this, many people try to follow this tradition or sometimes create something from it. One of the most known traditions of it is wearing a white or ivory-colored gown which symbolizes the purity of the bride and wearing a white veil to symbolize virginity. Although this might a very ancient tradition, many people choose to follow it and still being in use today.

Why American Wedding Traditions Standout Among Others?

To answer the question, the American wedding tradition is greatly popularized by Hollywood movies. Because of the popularity of these movies, most couples look for wedding inspiration base on American weddings.

So, what are some customs that are being followed?

Carry the Bride

Have you ever heard about ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’? For an American wedding, it is customary to let the bride wear or carry which will fit each one of the categories and according to the tradition, it will bring them good luck. While sometimes it will become a bit hilarious, it is certainly one of the most interesting parts of their traditions.

Each of the categories signifies a meaning. For something old, it means about the family or friends on the wedding, while something new signifies the couple, and something borrowed signifies borrowed happiness for this customs; it is ideal to borrow from someone who has a successful marriage, lastly, something blue signifies the purity and love of the couple.

Carry a Bouquet of Flowers

The bridal bouquet- every bride loves to carry a bouquet of flowers during their wedding. The significance of bringing flowers of the bride is probably not very known, thus the brides tend to choose flowers base on its meaning, but the real significance of these flowers is that… according to ancient tradition,

“The fragrance of flower tend to scare away evil spirits that may possess the couple, so during the marriage ceremony, most of the decorations are flowers and thus the more fragrant the flowers are, the more it will bring good luck.”

Ring in The Marriage Ceremony

The ring- it’s not about the famous Asian horror movie, its bout the significance of the ring in the marriage ceremony. Exchanging of rings during the ceremony is vital, it means loyalty, purity of love, or a symbol of attachment to your partner. But why is it in the fourth finger? It is said that the veins connected to the fourth finger are directly connected to the bearer’s heart. So, it does make sense right? But some also say that it was only capitalized by the jewelers during the 19th century.

Best Man and Groomsmen Are Rather Ornamental

Best man and groomsmen- as of today, best man and groomsmen are rather ornamental which is very important when playing wedding games. But according to history, best men and groomsmen have a very important role in the marriage ceremony, they are the ones responsible for abducting the bride or escorting the bride to reach the ceremony especially if there are parties that are not in favor of the marriage. They also are the ones who are responsible for the security of the wedding ceremony.

Beautiful Bridesmaid

Yes you read it right, a beautiful bridesmaid. Bridesmaid- most might probably think that they are just like groomsmen, an ornamental part of the wedding, but according to tradition, they have a specific role which is to confuse the evil spirit as to who might possess the bride.

6. Breaking a wine glass- many married couples don’t follow this tradition because it wasn’t always shown on any movie, but it is a part of the American wedding tradition where is symbolizes the fragility of the relationship and it must be preserve.

Fertility Rice

Throwing rice- has been known as a symbol of fertility and prosperity for the newlyweds. But before it became rice, ancient Romans threw meat or wheat to the newlyweds with the same meaning, but after the rice has become the symbol of fertility they adapted to it.

Tossing a Sexy Garter

Tossing a garter- this part is probably one of the humorous parts of the ceremony the same as the toss of the bouquet, where the groom would retrieve a garter that has been worn by his wife and throws it to the eligible bachelors. The history of it is that before it is known that having a piece of garment from the bride would bring good luck. So the guest would rush to the newlyweds to rip a part of the dress for them to have a stroke of good luck. To prevent hurting the bride during the process, they thought that throwing something would pacify the guess from ripping a part of the dress.

Tossing Bouquet to Single and Available Ladies

Tossing of the bouquet- the same as tossing a garter, before women will also try to rip a piece of the garment so to pacify that, the bride will toss her bouquet and the runaway and whoever catches the bouquet will like to be the one who will be married next.

The Last Dance of Being Single

The three main dances- newlywed dance is probably one of the most anticipated parts of the ceremony, some tend to have proper choreograph steps while some choose to have a slow and romantic dance. The first dance is between the newlyweds, the next is between the parents of the newlyweds. After the three main dances, the DJ will tend to call the other guest to join the festivities. The significance of the dances in the ceremony is that the couples must have proper synchronization in order for their relationship to be successful.

First Day of Drinking Wine as a Married Person

Wedding toast- typically toast means to honor something, but for a wedding toast, it means to wish the newlywed to have a piece of good luck throughout many years. But beware, there are kinds of beverages that are must not be used during the toast and would be considered an insult to the newlyweds. Nevertheless, these beverages are probably not present at the wedding except for water.

Clinking of Glass Permission to Kiss

The clinking of glass- after the toast, the guest would be clicking each other’s glass or any silverware to entice the newlyweds to kiss. But the true meaning of this according to ancient Christians is that clinking glass will tend to scare away bad spirits.

Slicing The Womanhood

Slicing the cake- traditionally, only the wife will be the one to cut the cake, since it symbolizes the first act of the couple which is the loss of the virginity of the bride. But as time evolves, the couple will now cut the cake together.

After cutting the cake, the newlywed will try to eat the cake together which also symbolized the commitment to provide for one another.

Make sure your are slicing your cake the right way.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower- usually a party to be held by the bride before the wedding day with the purpose to give present to the bride just before her big day.

Though is not really known, there is a good story behind it. According to the story, there was a rich young woman which wanted to be married to a poor man, so her father is opposed to their marriage and impose a dowry, but as soon as her friends know about, they gave presentations to the young woman and they manage to lieu the dowry.

Final Thoughts

These are probably the most common American wedding tradition around and their significance or meanings. But as time goes by, these traditions are constantly evolving and few surprising ideas may come in our way. Just like the cutting of the cake. It depends on the couple as to what they are going to follow.