Birthday Ideas


She was with me when my parents weren’t there. She heard and listened to all my hateful speeches and advised me to what I should do. All the stories that she had shared and all the games that we had played. Cherishing all those memories that we have shared, makes me smile. But now she’s already old but still looks snappy and beautiful. In the coming two weeks she’ll turn into 80 years old and I need to prepare something nice for her!

Last year she made my birthday very memorable and awesome and this time it’s my chance to make her birthday awesome too.

Are you also looking for a great idea on how to celebrate your grandmother’s birthday? You came into the right place, let’s make a plan that will surely surprise your grandmother. I know how excited you are for this moment, so I have wrote the best possible plan for our grandmothers’ birthday!

5 Ideas for Grandparent’s Birthday Celebration

To surprise someone especially in their birthdays is probably one of the best gestures of love that you can express to someone! Maybe this is a little subjective, but who doesn’t wanted to be surprise on their birthdays?! But in order it to be successful, you need a perfect plan for it! So as for the plans, I have shortlisted a perfect plan for our grandparents birthday, that will surely make them happy! Just remember the more people that are involve in these plan the more it will be fun and successful!

Throw a Retro Theme Party

Who doesn’t want their childhood days? Or their teenage days? Well, my grandparents always bragged about it in her stories! So, why don’t we throw a retro theme party that will surely make them remember those good old days! Invite your whole family, relatives and friends, or someone that she knows during those days and told them to wear retro dress! The more people invited the more it will be successful! Create a classic playlist songs; what are the songs that your grandmother love during those days to make it more impactful and groove with those songs! Let the party rock!

Hang Out

If partying is not your thing, you can hang out with your grandparents! And treat them something very special! You can go to cinema, or the restaurant that she/he use to visit. The most important part of this is you have to talk to them as much as you could, grandparents loves talking just about anything! That will surely make them happy and make their day very special!

Family Get-Together

Having all the family members assembled for a birthday is quite a feat, especially if other family members are far from each other or already living in other countries or have a job at a far away place, but the harder it is to do, the better the result! The thing is you have to prepare it in advance so that these family members will also prepare their part. And also prepare a bit of surprise for your grandparents in order to spice up the celebration! Or prepare a little games that your grandparents will surely enjoy! You also prepare a little bit of speech for your grandparent depicting their life, I’m sure this would cause some tears for your grandparents. But those tears are not about sadness but about happiness, the most important thing is that let your grandparents enjoy the whole day!

Gift Them Something Creative

If you have a knack for arts and creatives! You can give them something that you have made! Since grandparents are very emotional, give them something that will make them remember their past or something that is about the past! They will surely love to see something that is handmade, here are the few ideas on what to give to them: photo bouquet, memory album, birthday card, flower bouquet or a scenery!

Plan a Trip

If you think that your grandparents loves traveling, you can plan a trip with them. I doesn’t matter to where it is, the important part is that the trip should be a relaxing one! Or you can ask where does your grandparents wanted to go, or if she have a dream of going to some foreign country. So, these are my ideas for a great birthday plans for our grandparents, I hope I helped you decide to what kind of plan that you are going to do for your grandparents!