Love is a wonderful experience. It requires lots of charms to maintain the sparks with your partner just like you had during your dating days. Keeping that simple gesture would go a long way in retaining a blossoming relationship with your partner. There is no great gesture than throwing a surprise romantic date ideas and gestures during your anniversary. Here are ten romantic ideas that you can use.

1. Plan a Romantic Getaway

man and woman on a romantic date

There is nothing that beats a remarkable romantic gesture than planning a romantic getaway with your lover. Such considerations help you to drift away from the daily hustle and recreate memories with your partner. Choose a place that your lover would never think of but stands to be one of the options that she has in her bucket list. To add to the charms, keep the idea as a secret and reveal it to her a few days to your anniversary.

2. Set Up a Candlelight Dinner

candle light dinner

Imagine the mellow and hazy appeal that comes from a candlelight setting. The soft lights would only make both of you look sexier and feel more in love during the romantic night. You can set up dinner at home or spend an evening in a restaurant with your lover’s liking. After all, candlelight is one of the most romantic ideas that express love and care about your partner.

3. Send a gorgeous Vase of Red Roses

woman with red roses

Red roses have stood to be one of the greatest ways to express your love to your lover. Every woman envies such romantic gestures, especially when they are done in their workplaces, and would be happy when the same is replicated in their relationship. The best way to make this gesture is by sending the flowers to her workplace, or somewhere she will get public acknowledgment.

4. Plan a Couple’s Massage

couple's massage

A foot massage or a backrub also speaks volumes when it comes to romantic gestures. It does not necessarily have to be done at a massage parlor during a romantic night, but you can even spare a few hours and run your hands all over your partner and give her a sensual massage.

5. Sit Under the Star

watching the stars

If your anniversary coincides with a clear night, then you got yourself a perfect way to spend your evening. You can grab a blanket and spend your night in an open park or stare at the stars from your balcony, whichever feels safe and enjoyable. If you are lucky, you might witness a series of shooting stars and make romantic wishes along with them.

6. Plan a Sunset Walk

walk in the sunset

Another romantic gesture that fits in the evening would be a sunset walk. If you live close to a beach, this would be the best experience for your anniversary based on the calm evening wind and a scenic view of the sun as it sets.

7. Sing, or Play a Romantic Song

playing romantic song

Put your talents at work by composing a romantic song to your lover or sing her favorite song as well. Music speaks a lot and can go a long way to revealing a long lost romantic sense on your lover.

8. Do something Spontaneous

amazing moments

Planning a grand romantic idea is great. However, there is nothing more exciting than a burst of romance from something spontaneous. Doing something like a spontaneous like a quickie is something remarkable. This does not disregard that long passionate hours of sex are not ideal, but something spontaneous would be exciting all together.

9. Write a Love Letter

love letter

You do not have to mind about your rustic handwriting, but writing a romantic letter would be a romantic gesture of another level. Well, the idea might seem long forgotten, but having something different would just awesome.

10. Text Message

text someone you love

Other than writing a letter, you can stick to the conventional text messaging and write up a romantic message expressing your love to your lover. You can keep it simple like showing how eager you want to meet with her in the evening or something naughty that would make her blush. 

The fact that there are different romantic date ideas to consider for your anniversary does not mean that you should reserve them for this specific day. They should be something to consider any moment when you get the chance. After all, stirring those romantic senses is the only emotion in the world that brings happiness to anyone.

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