Love is a beautiful thing, and it is worth celebrating. Valentine’s Day comes as a reminder to the love birds on why they need to keep the love frames burning. Well, it does not mean that you show love and affection on your wife only on valentines. It should be each day.

Are you looking to surprise your wife? Well, here are the best valentine day surprises that your wife will love. Read on!

Prepare a Lovely Poem

There are multiple ways of doing this. You can choose to recite or write it down. Prepare well by memorizing Shakespeare’s love sonnets. If you have to recite it, make sure you do it in a peaceful and romantic place where you are just you and wife alone. Alternatively, write a short poem and hide it in the handbag she frequents or a surprise gift.

Dine in a Fancy Restaurant

Find a fancy restaurant that you’ve always wanted to take your wife. Prepare early enough and ensure your bookings are sealed on time to avoid frustrations on a special day. If you think your choice of restaurant is not what she likes, find somewhere she has always wanted to dine. When there, let her dine the favorite meals and wine.

Organize a Photoshoot

We all know that women love photos, and a chance to have a studio or outdoor shoot works magic. First, understand what she is happy about. Is it a studio or outdoor photoshoot? When convinced, get the best photographer. Alternatively, you can have a family photo together with your kids. Frame the photos, and have a romantic valentine message inscribed.

Leave a Romantic Voicemail Message

If your wife’s phone is on voicemail and she always takes time to listen to the messages every morning, this is a great opportunity to surprise her. Write a love letter and read it for her passionately and romantically. She will start the day happily. You can also leave the voicemail message on her office phone. Later on, after work, you can go out for fine dining.

Organize for a Couple Massage

Have you been yearning for a couple massage, but keep on postponing due to other commitments? Well, this is the right time to pull a surprise. All you need is to facilitate an early booking and keep it a secret until it happens. Also, if you can book a prenatal massage (if pregnant) or an after birth message (if she has given birth recently) if you entirely want your wife to enjoy a particular form of massage.

Arrange for a Mystery Trip

Since you know your partner better, it is easy to pull this surprise. All you need to do is know her favorite destination, or anywhere you find interesting and facilitate an early booking. There are many travel agents with mystery travel packages. They will maintain the secret until you reach the destination or when almost arriving at the particular place. This is an awesome Valentine Day special treatment.

Organize a Surprise Road Trip

Road trips work perfectly for many couples. It gives you and your wife a chance to bond and unwind from the busy schedule and at the same time, explore the wilderness. The trip can either be in a place she has never been before, a place she always wants to explore or any other area you feel they will like. Carry along some foodies and drinks, and not forgetting your camera.

Get Matching Outfits

Well, the idea here is to show her how strong your bond is and to let the public know it, but most importantly, to surprise her. To make the surprise look beyond the obvious, look for quality attires like tees, and have the graphics and words inscribed on the front and backside. Wear them on your Valentine Day special adventure, photoshoot or road trip.

Buy a Valentine Gift

A Valentine Day without Valentine’s day gifts is not worth enjoying. Women value gifts, especially when gifted by their loved ones. No matter what you present to them wholeheartedly, they will appreciate it fully. Get them the best books, dresses, watches, among other gifts. Choose based on what your wife loves. When presenting the gifts, have them packaged well. Valentine should never be boring. While we all have excuses on having an overwhelming schedule, you can pull surprises from home, office or anywhere you are and your partner will appreciate it. Be creative and enjoy your union when you can.

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